One of the great myths of hospice is that it is a place. Hospice is not a place; it is the care and compassion a specialized team offers by reaching out to support you on your journey when you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Cedar Community at Home's hospice team will help you live your life to the fullest, and help you and your family with the many questions and concerns that come at the end of life. Our care team is there to provide care and compassion in your home, whether that is a private residence, an assisted living apartment or a skilled nursing home.

Your HOSPICE care team and programS

The patient is the most important member of the care team. Along with your personal doctor, our hospice and palliative care team members will support you and your family, ensuring comfort, dignity and the highest quality of care.

  • Our team of nurses provide specialized care in pain management and symptom control.
  • Our social workers provide emotional support and help with planning and resources to meet your needs and goals.
  • Our home health aides provide extra help with personal care and assistance.
  • Our chaplains provide spiritual guidance and support for you and your family.
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy is available as needed.
  • Trained volunteers provide support and companionship.
  • Music, art and other therapies.
  • Bereavement services help with grief and loss for family and loved ones.
"Shelly, Debbie, and Bev came this morning. It is like night and day from our hospice experience with a different company last week. Shelly was on top of my Dad’s priorities and was excellent with him. I called in a crisis and asked for the best. So far your team has delivered and I have all hope that will be the case until Dad’s final day. I have wept tears of relief today. Thank you. Thank you."

-Diana (family member of a Cedar Community at Home hospice patient)
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