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Cedar Community: Life the way it should be. The way you want it.

lifestyle options
Cedar Bay East
  • 1 Two bedroom apartment: Enjoy comfort and privacy in your own living room.
  • 2 Two bedroom living room:
    Personalize your rooms with furniture and decorations from home for ultimate comfort.
  • 3 Second bedroom or den: Extra space suits the need for variety and flexibility.
  • 4 Guest bath: Express your personal and distinctive style!
  • 5 Kitchen: The kitchen includes ample cabinets and counter space. 
  • 6 Two bedroom master:
    Housekeeping and linen services for towels and bedding are included.
  • 7 Two bedroom master bath: Each bath offers ample space, easy accessibility.
  • 8 One bedroom living room: Comfortable and spacious -- for privacy or socializing!
  • 9 One bedroom: Carefree living is yours -- housekeeping included!
  • 10 One bedroom bath: All the comforts you'd expect, with pleasant surprises!
  • 11 One bedroom kitchen: Enjoy using the microwave and fridge for ice cream, snacks!
  • 12 Family Room/Library: A great place to catch up with friends and family.
  • 13 Computer Room: Free Wifi and computer account helps you keep up w/grandkids.
  • 14 Common kitchen:
    Residents can reserve a full kitchen and dining room for entertaining friends and family.
  • 15 Common kitchen:
    Cookie-baking, canning …. family traditions continue in this inviting, home-like setting.
  • 16 Common kitchen:
    A cozy home-like setting is a great place to reserve and host your next family gathering.
  • 17 Common kitchen: Invite friends for a potluck, card game, baby shower, you name it!

There's so much to be gained by choosing assisted living sooner and planning ahead before a crisis situation forces a decision. Contact us to learn more about Cedar Bay options and availabilities today! cmajkowski@cedarcommunity.org.