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Cedar Community: Life the way it should be. The way you want it.

lifestyle options
Cedar Bay West
  • 7 A comfortable and quiet living room has plenty of room for favorite furnishings.
  • 7 The nicely equipped kitchenette is accessible and sports lots of cabinets.
  • 7 A conveniently accessible shower highlights the private bathroom.
  • 7 Bright new décor is enhanced with lots of windows overlooking natural areas.
  • 7 Standard Studio Bedroom: Decorate your living space as you wish!
  • 9 Lounge West: The spacious lounge is a great place to visit with neighbors.
  • 10 Country Kitchen: Reserve this spacious area for baking, entertaining.
  • 11 Dining Room: Order culinary delights off a full menu – three daily meals are included!

There's so much to be gained by choosing assisted living sooner and planning ahead before a crisis situation forces a decision. Contact us to learn more about Cedar Bay options and availabilities today! cmajkowski@cedarcommunity.org.