Choosing a short-term inpatient rehabilitation program after an injury or illness may be the best option for recovery. The stay may be anywhere from a few days to weeks, until treatment is complete and the patient can safely return to their everyday routines. Intensive therapy, which can often include both physical and occupational along with speech, can best address one’s individual needs, ensuring that each person makes the best and safest possible recovery.

Individuals admitted to inpatient rehabilitation facilities receive comprehensive, multidisciplinary, coordinated care from a team of therapists, nursing team members, social workers and dietitians. You have access to inpatient therapy equipment with therapy often three to four times each day, several days a week, 24-hour medical monitoring and care, meals and personal care. An inpatient therapy program can speed your progress along, meeting your daily needs of meals and housekeeping and allowing you to focus your time and energy on your recovery. 

You may even meet some new friends while recovering at an inpatient rehabilitation program. When Janet Dubinski, Denise Hofmann and Michelle Weston needed inpatient therapy, they never expected to be laughing and sharing life stories with other patients. Each arrived within days of each other in February, each on their own journey to recovery. “We became fast friends. When you join others for a meal for the first time in the dining room everyone is a little shy. We ended up sitting at the same table and just started talking. We figured laughter is the best medicine. Our stories go from everyday things to the bizarre,” laughs Janet. 

Janet is from Hubertus, Denise from Kewaskum and Michelle is from West Bend. For Janet and Denise, it’s their first stay at Cedar Community’s inpatient rehabilitation. Michelle is on her fifth visit and can’t say enough about the quality of care she has received each time. “I am amazed by the team members who go above and beyond, and the grounds and views are impeccable. The dining team members are wonderful and you always get what you need,” says Michelle.

Denise likes the homey and comfortable feel of Cedar Community. “It’s not institutional and you can wear your own clothing. It’s also very clean. My room was cleaned every day. The team members also seem to anticipate your every need,” says Denise. 

When Janet’s doctor told her she would need to go to rehab after she broke her femur, she thought it would be outpatient rehab. When he said inpatient, she was less than thrilled. “It has been so much better than I expected. I had my choice of a couple of facilities and I preferred Cedar Community,” says Janet. 

All three agree that you never know what life is going to throw at you, but they all made the best of a bad situation and leaned on each other, having a positive attitude and laughing each day. Michelle’s husband, a daily regular with the group, says, “This group seems to get along really well. There is a lot of joking and laughing. They also seem to have an awful lot in common. I believe the camaraderie has helped Michelle’s recovery this time.”

They have exchanged emails and phone numbers and hope to keep in touch. 

To learn more about Cedar Community’s inpatient rehabilitation, contact our admissions coordinator in West Bend at 262.306.4240. Who can guide and walk you through the process.