Making a difference in the lives of our residents

Cedar Community resident Helen Yenter loves to watch the deer and turkeys from her window, and she enjoys the beauty of the natural campus she calls home. Her daughter, Sue, has peace of mind knowing her mom loves her home and that her mom’s needs are met with care and compassion made possible by the support of our generous Partners In Caring® annual campaign, which helps those who may need financial assistance through the Medicaid program. Sue shared her thanks in a letter to Cedar Community:

“I wanted to take a moment to express how appreciative our family is of your acceptance of those residents who need financial assistance from the state. My parents were of humble means. My mom only worked outside the home when unplanned bills needed to be paid. My father completed eighth grade, and was a truck driver all his life. They never owned a home or a new car, but we never wanted for anything as children. At age 55, my father suffered a severe head injury as a result of a fall; he died within 24 hours of his injury. Our lives were never the same for me and my two brothers. My mother lost a part of her soul when she lost him. She never remarried.

About four years ago, we noticed her memory changing and though we tried to attribute it to “old age,” it became evident that Alzheimer’s was her diagnosis and she needed more care than we were able to provide. That is where your team comes in.

The care that she is given at Cedar Community is absolutely amazing. The staff is so very caring of her needs and also so patient. I could not ask for a better place for her. My brother, Jeff, comes to see her every night and she never has a bad thing to say about her care. She loves the food, the nurses, the staff and her room.

I realize that accepting state-funded patients puts a strain on resources and funding, but I am truly thankful that you make it all work. We know mom is safe and well cared for. Thank you all and God’s blessings as you continue your work.”

Cedar Community is blessed to receive generous support from our donors who help us carry out our mission, “to model Christ’s love for humanity by creating life-enhancing relationships, services and environments,” through support of the Partners In Caring annual campaign.

For 40 years, our Partners In Caring donors have supported the mission of serving those who may need Medicaid assistance to meet their care needs. During this 40th anniversary year, we ask that you consider becoming a partner with a $40, or even if possible, a $400 gift to Partners In Caring. Your partnership will ensure that Helen, and other residents who may need financial assistance for their care, will always know that Cedar Community is a place of caring and compassionate residents, team members and donors; an extended family for all who are living out our mission each and every day.

Happy holidays!