New Medicare Cards - Information and Tips to Avoid Scams

In an effort to help protect the identity of millions of people who carry a Medicare card, new cards are being issued beginning in April of 2018. Medicare is removing Social Security Numbers from the cards, and issuing a new unique Medicare Number to each person. The rollout of the new cards will take up to a year, so there are some important things you need to know about this new card.

The card will be mailed to each person, at no cost, to the address you have on file with the Social Security Administration. Your new card will not change any of your benefits or coverage, it is simply a new card, with a new identification number. Because it will take about a year for all of the cards to be issued, you may receive your card before or after friends or family members. The long rollout period may also help scammers who will target Medicare card holders. Here are some important tips to avoid scams:

-Do not pay for a new card. If someone calls and tells you that you need to pay to get your new card, it is a scam.

-Do not give out any personal information to get your card. No one from Medicare will call you for information, or will ask for your Social Security number, your bank information, or any other personal information. If someone calls asking these questions, hang up immediately, it is a scam.

-Destroy your old card once you receive your new Medicare card. Do not just throw it in the trash, shred it. Protect your new card as you would any other insurance or credit card. If you have a separate Medicare Advantage card, keep that card, as you will still need that card.

-To see the rollout schedule for the new Medicare cards, click here.

If you have questions or concerns about the new Medicare cards, you can contact Medicare at (800) 633-4227 or visit