Cedar Community recently received a generous donation of three wheelchair-accessible planter boxes from Zuern Building Products & Design Center.  A team of 15 volunteers, Zuern employees and their families, graciously donated their time and talent to build these planters, with Zuern also providing all the necessary building supplies.

“At Zuern, one of our values is to “Make Time For Life.”  Through this value, we are challenged to live out making time for ourselves, as well as others. Through our Volunteer Program, we are able to share our resources, talents, and time with the community, as well as foster team collaboration. This particular project was special, as our team brought family members to help construct these garden beds. It was wonderful seeing children and spouses involved and working together. A win-win, as we bring team and family together, while creating a beautiful and peaceful activity to residents at Cedar Community, ” said Jen Zuern, brand & business development manager.

This project was sparked by a donor who wished to purchase soil, flowers, and vegetables for Cedar Community’s existing raised beds at their memory care facility in honor of his late parents who enjoyed gardening. Noting the wear on the current beds, the donor also offered to cover the construction costs of new beds. Jenny Zaskowski, Cedar Community’s Philanthropy Director, reached out to Zuern who has previously supported Cedar Community through various events including the annual Butterfly Release and Leadership Event. Zuern enthusiastically agreed to not only build, but also fund the construction of the new planter boxes.

“We are very grateful for the generous contributions from Zuern, and we truly appreciate the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people on their team who have taken the time to support several of our many worthy causes,” said Zaskowski. 

Residents enjoyed spending time gardening, reminiscing about their past gardening experiences, and being outdoors thanks to flowers, vegetables, and herbs purchased with funds from their resident donor and the generosity of Groth’s Country Gardens who donated as well. This project has brought joy to the residents at Cedar Community–making a significant positive impact on their daily lives.