By: Linsey Haderer
After interning at Cedar Community for almost a year, I can now look back and reflect on the work I have done. I have spent my time rotating between the marketing, sales, and philanthropy departments. Each department has welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to learn. I have truly done it all throughout my internship. From creating flyers, to organizing the fundraising software, to attending meetings, and even planning events–my days were never the same.

Throughout my internship I have gained many new skills that transfer into my everyday life, outside of work. These skills include communication, planning, collaboration, and adaptability. As a recent high school graduate, I have used these skills throughout my time in school and plan to in my future. As a captain of the Slinger High School girls soccer team, I found myself using communication and adaptability at practices, games, and team events. Throughout high school, I was also an active member of Slinger DECA, an organization that provides students with real work experience in the business field.

This year, I worked closely with two teammates to create a marketing project about a local business. In April, we traveled to Orlando, Florida and competed at the International Competition. After three days of competing, we placed within the top 20 in the world. Without my internship at Cedar Community I wouldn’t have had the extensive marketing knowledge to create this project. Even in school, I used skills such as collaboration and planning to become a better student. These important skills will follow me for years to come. But I owe all of this to professional women I work with day-to-day. Without their support and expertise, this internship would not have been possible. I have learned from them and will use this
knowledge for years to come.

As I move on to the next chapter of my life, I plan to still use these skills and the knowledge I have learned. This year, I am attending the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I plan on majoring in strategic communications and minoring in business management and Spanish. I am forever grateful for the openness Cedar Community has provided me. Even throughout my crazy school, sports, and work schedule, Cedar Community has provided me with a quality internship and these experiences will benefit me throughout the rest of my life.