Memorial Garden

A Comforting Final Resting Place

As a faith-based organization, Cedar Community’s mission is “To model Jesus’ love by creating life-enhancing relationships, services, and environments.” The Memorial Garden, founded in 2010, is a comforting final resting place for loved ones.

“A sacred place of natural beauty where … lives are remembered, families cherished, and faith sustained.”

The Cedar Community Memorial Garden is a small but beautiful place set aside near the entrance of Cedar Community.  It is dedicated to providing a sacred place to honor the lives of members of our community. It is a Memorial Garden with places for cremains, as well as simple memorials without inurnment.

The mission of Cedar Community as a faith-based organization is dedicated to creating relationships, services, and environments that enhance the lives of individuals we serve, while creating and providing levels of care and service to meet the needs of our community.  We view this Memorial Garden as one more level of that service. It is a beautiful environment of care, promoting a sense of meaning and comfort to individuals and their families, many of whom have expressed a deeply felt need to find a place of respect and dignity, a peaceful place, a place of exquisite natural beauty for the final resting place of their loved ones.

The Cedar Community Memorial Garden is a safe, accessible, and well-maintained setting, providing a peaceful and visually pleasing atmosphere conducive to meditation and reflection.

To learn more, contact our philanthropy team at 262.338.2819 or [email protected].