Our team members are the heart of our community and truly make a difference in the lives of our residents every day!

Cedar Community is now officially a “Great Place to Work” certified company by Activated Insights, an independent research and consulting firm. The certification process evaluated more than 60 elements of team members’ experience on the job, including employee pride in the organization’s community impact, belief that their work makes a difference, and feeling their work has special meaning. Rankings are based on team members’ experiences throughout Cedar Community’s many divisions and campus locations in West Bend and Elkhart Lake.

The results speak for themselves:Great Place to Work emblem

70% said it’s a great place to work, compared to 59% of employees at a typical US-based company

87% feel they make a difference

86% said their work has special meaning and it’s not just a job

84% feel a sense of pride

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Team members feel very fortunate to have Thea Liebelt, RN, working alongside them at Cedar Community: “Thea takes on any challenge without hesitation and is always willing to lend a hand.” “She always puts a smile on our faces with her positive and fun attitude.” “Thea is an essential part of our team and we look forward to coming to work to see her.” “She is someone you can count on every day.”

From a small-town girl, living in Campbellsport, she went off to Northwestern University School of Nursing in Chicago. She earned her degree as a registered nurse, and accepted a medical/surgical job in Oshkosh, before heading to the Veteran’s Administration hospital in Madison. In Madison, she met her husband and his job transfer in the nuclear engineering field took them to Idaho.

While in Idaho, Thea worked as a labor and delivery nurse, until a hospital buyout caused her to switch gears professionally. She had a friend who was the director of nursing at a new nursing home and began working for her in 1978. “I found my love, and have been working in geriatric care ever since. I love the older generation, their music, work ethic, kinship, and life history,” says Thea.

A divorce sent Thea back to her Wisconsin roots with three kids. Thea worked as the director of nursing at Beechwood Rest Home for seven years. However, with a son in his teen years who needed to be closer to his father, she moved back to Idaho in 1990, and returned to the nursing home she had previously left. After eight years in Idaho, she made the move back to Wisconsin to care for her mom who had Alzheimer’s. She moved in to her mom’s home, and worked at Manor Care in Fond du Lac, while splitting the care of her mom with a certified nursing assistant. After Thea’s mom passed away, she decided she wanted to go into management again, and found an opportunity at Cedar Community.

“I was always very familiar with Cedar Community from my teenage years in the United Church of Christ and participating in fellowship activities at Cedar Community when it was just a small nursing home,” says Thea. She was hired as a nurse manager in 2006 in skilled nursing care, and in 2013 became a MDS (Minimum Data Set) Coordinator, working in the short-term rehabilitation department, assessing new patients and working through financial reimbursement protocols.

“Since Thea joined Cedar Community’s nursing team in 2006, she has been one of our biggest cheerleaders. Her spark and enthusiasm is contagious to everyone she encounters!” says Heather Suarez Del Real, RN, Director of Nursing. “She has been through numerous role changes within the nursing department in the past year and has risen to every challenge we have given her. We are honored and blessed to have her on our team.”

Thea has been an integral part of Cedar Community’s COVID-19 testing and screening procedures, and she is currently phasing into a new position of nursing education, working with new team members in orientation, skills testing, and yearly education credit audits. “It really is a whole new thing for me, but my long-range plan is to work part time. I can’t see ever retiring. I would be so bored.”

Thea could have retired many years ago and friends often ask why she is still working to which she responds, “I am treated really well and am told how much I am appreciated. Everyone wants to hear things like that. When you get to be my age and people still think that, why would I want to leave?”

Cedar Community is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against otherwise qualified applicants on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, age, sex, marital status, national origin, genetic information, sexual orientation, disabilities, or veteran status.


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