By: Allie Stedl

A college education serves general knowledge that is focused to a degree, but an internship applies that knowledge that is learned from a classroom into the workplace.

I am currently studying at Marian University to get my bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration, and this summer I was given the opportunity to intern at Cedar Community. This experience has allowed me to gain valuable insight in multiple different departments in the nursing home setting including, human resources, finance, health information, minimum data set, marketing, admissions, social services, and infection prevention.

Through my experience I have been able to network and meet with many new people who have mentored me. Everyone I have worked with this summer at Cedar Community have been both welcoming and supportive, and have offered me career advice that I will truly cherish. Since I have meet with multiple departments it has taught me that Cedar Community works as one collaborative team to be successful. It is a great community that not only cares for residents, but also their employees.

This internship has definitely showed me that I want to continue to pursue my career in the nursing home setting. I am passionate about the health care system and the process it takes to provide quality care to residents. My advice to others is to not be afraid to ask questions–ask about potential opportunities and new experiences. Network with others and meet as many people as possible. Lastly,
be open-mined and ready to learn! I am hopeful and exited to continue my career journey.