By Linsey Haderer

As a high school student, the question I hear most often is, “What are your plans for your future?” Although I have spent the past four years gaining experience to answer this question, it wasn’t until this year that I have truly been able to give a quality answer.

Linsey HadererSince September, I have had the privilege of interning at Cedar Community. I spend my weeks rotating between the marketing, sales, ­philanthropy, and volunteer teams. My days are never the same! Through this experience I have not only gained useful knowledge that I will carry into my professional career but I have also gained many new skills, including, communication, time management, and adaptability. These skills will not only benefit my future career, but they transfer into my daily life right now. I am involved in many organizations at Slinger High School, including soccer, National Honor Society, Slinger DECA, and others.

The skills I have learned at my internship have transferred into these organizations and have made me a stronger leader. At Cedar Community, I have also had the pleasure of learning from and working with great mentors and professional women. As a young woman myself, it has been very inspiring to learn from professional women who are successful in their careers.

My internship at Cedar Community has encouraged me to pursue a career in the business industry. I hope to major in marketing or business management at a four-year university next year. I cannot emphasis enough the importance of work experience–especially as a young adult! Cedar Community has given me to opportunity to gain real-world work experience that has allowed to finally answer the question, “What are your plans for your future?”